About us


The “Blaue Tauben”

Our caption “Blaue Tauben” is translated “Blue Doves”. It is a metaphor from the Russian language and means a gay couple. As we run our art company together and influence one another in arts as well it was a welcome idea to call us that way.

Our History

Art brought us together as we worked together on our project “Crystal House” in 2015. Soon it was clear that we also wanted to spend our lives together and make it official. So we married 2016 and were able to open our company “Blaue Tauben Sovkov OG” that we informally called “Art Studio Blaue Tauben”.

Our Work

Our company distributes the paintings, drawings and ceramics of Sergey. In some works there are Erwin’s creations of poses and expressions as a dancer realized.

Erwin is working on male nude art photography specialised on non-erotic nude images.