Portrait of Sergey Sovkov

Sergey Sovkov

Sergey was born 1972 in Kyshtym, Russia. Already as a young boy he was interested in painting - specially the male figure. So he inscribed himself at an art school. He attended this school in addition to the mandatory school. Unfortunately he couldn’t finish the art school because of a lack of time.

After graduation from high school he studied art education on the university of Togliatti that he completed in 1997.

Later on he stayed at the same university and worked there at the beginning as an assistant, then as a lecturer and finally as a professor - all in all for 17 years. Sergey’s subjects were composition and painting.

First exhibitions took place 1995 and until now ranges from national to international ones. His paintings are now located in museums, the international fond of “Cultural Heritage”, as long as in private collections in Russia, Germany, Holland, Norway, USA, United Kingdom and more.

Since 2014 Sergey works as a free artist and is able to live all his creativity. A year later he got to know his future husband Erwin Sovkov who lives in Vienna, Austria to whom he moved in 2017. Together they are running their art studio “Blaue Tauben”.