Portrait of Erwin Sovkov

Erwin Sovkov

Erwin was born in 1983 in Graz, Austria. After going through the regular school he graduated from a natural science high school.

Despite going to university Erwin left Austria 2003 to study a dance called “Eurythmy” for 4 years on a private collage in Switzerland. The anthroposophical worldview in which the dance was based impressed Erwin so much that he studied it as well.

After completing the study in Vienna Erwin went through different other professions. Among these was bakery in which he also made the apprenticeship certification exam.

Erwin got to know his future husband Sergey Sovkov in 2015. Discovering the medium of photography together with him he started to study photography in 2018.

Since 2016 Sergey and Erwin are running their art studio “Blaue Tauben”.